Full Choke Labradors


Quinn is our newest female Charcoal. She is as sharp as they come and has a heart of gold!! She is going to make an awesome field dog and a true companion to say the least! 


​Stormy is just a super loveable black female & is just under a year old. She is Jet Black and just loves people. She's well on her way! She is also Silver Factored.


Remington (Remi)     Has been Retired but, still remains with us.


Bentley is a very energetic girl. She is a natural retriever! She is full of heart and desire and will go until the sun goes down and a very loyal companion. She may be short in stature but makes up for it in willingness, desire and natural ability. Bentley also came to us from Idaho and her parents were also Upland game and Waterfowl hunters.  She is roughly 72 pounds.


Bella is a very gentle soul but with the heart and desire to please. She is an amazing natural retriever with a willingness to do anything asked of her. She is 2 years old she came from Idaho, her parents were used for Upland game and Waterfowl. She is roughly 82 pounds.