Full Choke Labradors

                                                    We Should be Epecting a litter in the Spring

​                                                                          of 2019

About Us

Labrador Puppies

We sell quality Labrador puppies to families and hunters. Labrador retrievers in our opinion are one of the best hunting dog breeds of all AKC breeds.

At Full Choke breeding is a big part of turning out a great quality hunter or family companion. We don't breed just to breed as some dog breeders do. Our focus is a quality bloodline, great temperament and a all around great dog.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

 One of the most loyal and sought-after breeds, the Labrador retriever makes an excellent family companion and hunting partner in the field. When used in the hunting environment, sportsmen owning a charcoal or silver lab will find having this trusted retrieving breed is excellent when hunting waterfowl or upland game.